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  • Beat the unwelcoming excessive baggage charges; long wait at the conveyor belt; eliminate the risk of losing your valuables.
  • A safer and more comfortable way for cyclists to carry belongings. Bagket helps to even out the weight distribution. Use it as an overnight bag, for outings, mountain walks, comping. Whenever you need to bring more than a few items.
  • Bagket is an essential item and worth every penny. unlike other products in the market designed to serve the same purpose, bagket is professionally designed and tailored by an award winning manufacturer using high-quality materials. Bagket is designed to be durable for years to come.
  • Black available in S, M, L & XL

    Blue available in S, M, L & XL

Get Your Own Bagket Now for only


£58.33 for non UK/EC delivery address

    Reasons why you should have a Bagket

  • a

    becomes free after using it for one or two journeys,

  • b

    those with no check in luggage, no waiting at conveyor belt and

  • c

    able to keep your valuables with you and

  • d

    other usage as overnight bag, for cyclist , for outings etc.

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